CREW DC offers exciting opportunities for members to participate in the Path to Leadership.  CREW's Board of Directors and Committee Chairs play an important role in setting the strategic objectives of the Chapter, planning member programming, keeping current on industry and outreach efforts, and overseeing the financial health of our organization.

If you've never considered leadership before, perhaps it's time to take the next step.

CREW offers a variety of ways to get involved:

  • Committee Participation
  • Chairing or Co-Chairing Committees 
  • Board of Directors

Committee Participation: Members can join several committees which are responsible for the services, programs and initiatives the Chapter engages in annually.  The only qualification to participate in a committee is to be a member in good standing. Committee meetings are generally held monthly and committee members participate in a variety of activities related to their committee mission. These committees include:

  • 35 & Under
  • Communications
  • Community Action
  • CREW Network
  • EDU
  • Finance
  • Member Services
  • Membership
  • Professional Development
  • Programs
  • Special Events
  • Sponsorship

Committee Chairs: Chairs and Co-Chairs of our committees serve as the primary point people for each group's activity.  They are responsible for managing the committee's strategic objectives, budget, and transition to new leadership each year.  Committee chairs are generally one year positions, but from time to time, may last for up to two years.  Members are generally encouraged to participate at the committee level before seeking a Chair or Co-Chair position. In addition, co-chairs meet quarterly with the Board of Directors to discuss Chapter planning. They are also expected to attend an annual Transition Meeting held in the fall each year.